Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

We believe in the beauty of simplicity by saying no to hundreds of ingredients so that we can say yes to the few 100% natural potent botanicals that will bring maximum benefit to your skin.

We believe in handcrafting all of our products (with a healthy dose of love), not in impersonal mass production.

We care about your skin. We want you to experience healthy, nourished and supple skin. We want you to feel pampered and look wonderfully radiant when you use our skincare.

We want to see the world a better place. We minimise waste by saying "no" to excess packaging, "yes" to using recycled or recyclable materials such as glass for our products, and 10% of all profits will go to Kiva, a charity empowering people around the world to alleviate them from poverty.

We would love for you to join us as we help change the world whilst enjoying the effectiveness and luxury of natural organic products.

We invite you to browse our simply beautiful products.

Mallow + White
Beautifully simple ingredients for simply beautiful skin.